Tuesday, October 31, 2006


John Hall and Tasini

Jonathan Tasini is blogging about his deep dedication to John Hall. To quote Tasini:

"I'm dedicated to winning back Congress for the Democrats. So, dedicated that I just dragged another team of former campaign volunteers to spend another weekend day canvassing for John Hall in the 19th New York Congressional district--he wouldn't even be my representative..."

The problem is John Hall was busy declaring his fealty to the Clinton's last night. Does Bill know that John Hall is playing the field? Does Hillary know Bill did?

Monday, October 30, 2006


John Hall needs the felon vote

Tate Hausman is John Hall's get-out-the-vote coordinator. His strategy for getting votes? Getting activists from all over the country to make phone calls to Hudson Valley voters. He also wants convicted felons to vote, having helped write a paper demanding that felons have the same voting rights as law abiding citizens.

Apparently the goal of Tate's democracy "2.0" is to replace the ordinary citizens of the Hudson Valley with voters drawn from prisons and illegal immigrant detention centers.

Hausman's job for John Hall is to drive up turnout by any means necessary. Keep an eye out for him at the local jails next Tuesday morning!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


John Hall, Drugs 'n Kids?

Check out John's myspace friends. (Warning: turn off the volume when you click the link unless you like terribly bad folk music)

The Students for Sensible Drug Policy supports de facto legalization of drug possession and use by college and high school students.

Makes sense.

"I'm proud of the fact that I've been clean for 22 years,"
-John Hall, WCBS-TV interview - 8/16/06

“He has a twenty-six year old daughter who is in graduate school.”
-Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee

Saturday, October 28, 2006


John Hall and the Death Penalty

Does John Hall oppose the Death Penalty? Most of his supporters do. The Progressive Democrats of America, Village Independent Democrats and numerous other liberal groups that have endorsed John Hall have all endorsed ending the death penalty. John Hall should tell the 19th District why he has accepted the support of groups that oppose the death penalty for crooks who kill cops and children. If protecting cop killers is cool to your fellow liberals then they're still the one.

Friday, October 27, 2006


John Hall and Big Oil

According to his commercials, John Hall hates Big Oil. But what his commercials don't tell you is that he's also profiting from Big Oil. Specifically, profiting from BP Amoco, Exxon-Mobil, and Schlumberger. What's Schlumberger? Only a global oil giant that does business with Iran, evades US taxes by off-shoring, and gets fined by the U.S. government for polluting lakes with PCBs and illegally bringing foreign workers into the US.

Hall announced in the Journal News this morning that he is not responsible for his investments. Did the self-proclaimed energy expert really not know that he invested in funds structured around big oil?

This is the same John Hall who claims to be a health care expert, then endorsed a bill calling for abolishing veterans hospitals.

This is the same John Hall who claims to be a foreign policy expert, then accepts the endorsement of an group that has called for negotiations with Hamas and other terrorist groups.

With all this expertise, why can't John Hall figure out where those big checks are coming from? Does he really think "Dance with Me" is paying for his unemployment?

Thursday, October 26, 2006


John Hall home base is where?

John Hall, in a feat of stupdity unmatched even by himself, is taking credit for importing leftist advocates from around the United States to con the people of the 19th district. Go see for yourself at John Hall's hometeam.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


John Hall takes Manhattan!

Poor John Hall. It isn't easy being green. He can't find any friends in the 19th District to help him out. His neighbors in Ulster County dont seem to care for him either (probably the taxes and bad schools). Today I've learned that John Hall has resorted to recruiting Manhattanites to phone bank for him, pretending to be from the 19th District. Imagine! Be a super liberal Hall supporter without leaving your cushy East side apartment. Here's the link to learn more about John Hall's phony phone banking. And remember, if you are called by the phony phriends of John Hall, please keep them on the phone as long as possible. Let's run up his long distance bill!

Here's the link http://dailygotham.com/blog/daniel_millstone/now_you_can_help_john_hall_without_traveling

And the press release:
Be part of the huge grassroots effort that is beating the heavily funded incumbent and phonebank with other passionate volunteers.
Phonebanking parties this week on Thursday evening 10/26 -- 2 venues (Brooklyn/Manhattan).
Manhattan at 2166 Broadway, #16F (btwn 76th & 77th), contact Merle, 212-933-0290 or merle.mceldowney@gmail.com. Starts at 6pm, ends at 9pm. Bring a cell phone if you have it.
Brooklyn at 138 14th St. #2 (btwn 3rd & 4th Aves.), contact Aaron, 718-832-3614 or singmonkey@earthlink.net. Starts at 5pm and ends at 9pm. Bring a cell phone if you have it.
-Aaron Ruddelson
Or you can call from home! We have voter lists with phone numbers, or you can go to John Hall's campaign website to make calls from home: http://www.johnhallforcongress.com/node/147
John Hall's campaign website has a predictive dialing system that allows you to make calls to voters in the district when it is convenient for you. You just need your computer and a telephone. For more info, lists of voters, or training on the online system, contact Aaron 718-832-3614 or singmonkey@earthlink.net.


John Hall lies

John Hall has been caught lying by his so-called friends at the Herald-Record. It seems John Hall's ad is too much, even for them.

"Hall's claims that Kelly cut veterans benefits and raised her pay are disingenuous at best.The facts: There's little argument over whether Kelly supported the Iraq war. She has supported President Bush's strategy since the beginning and reaffirmed that support as recently as June, when she voted to reject a timetable for withdrawal.Assertions that Kelly cut veterans benefits, however, unravel under close scrutiny.The Hall campaign cited Kelly's votes on amendments to three separate bills in 2003 and 2005.In each case, Kelly voted against a proposed Democratic program increase, not for a cut. Republicans argued the changes proposed would either cost too much or have little impact.The pay raise was a similar rock-and-a-hard-place issue for Kelly. In June, she actually supported another representative's effort to dislodge an automatic $3,300 cost-of-living raise for members of Congress from a huge appropriations bill.When the effort failed, Kelly had to choose whether to vote against funding numerous federal programs and projects, or vote for the omnibus spending bill, which included a pay raise for herself."

Quit dancing with the truth John!

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