Wednesday, October 25, 2006


John Hall lies

John Hall has been caught lying by his so-called friends at the Herald-Record. It seems John Hall's ad is too much, even for them.

"Hall's claims that Kelly cut veterans benefits and raised her pay are disingenuous at best.The facts: There's little argument over whether Kelly supported the Iraq war. She has supported President Bush's strategy since the beginning and reaffirmed that support as recently as June, when she voted to reject a timetable for withdrawal.Assertions that Kelly cut veterans benefits, however, unravel under close scrutiny.The Hall campaign cited Kelly's votes on amendments to three separate bills in 2003 and 2005.In each case, Kelly voted against a proposed Democratic program increase, not for a cut. Republicans argued the changes proposed would either cost too much or have little impact.The pay raise was a similar rock-and-a-hard-place issue for Kelly. In June, she actually supported another representative's effort to dislodge an automatic $3,300 cost-of-living raise for members of Congress from a huge appropriations bill.When the effort failed, Kelly had to choose whether to vote against funding numerous federal programs and projects, or vote for the omnibus spending bill, which included a pay raise for herself."

Quit dancing with the truth John!

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