Wednesday, October 25, 2006


John Hall takes Manhattan!

Poor John Hall. It isn't easy being green. He can't find any friends in the 19th District to help him out. His neighbors in Ulster County dont seem to care for him either (probably the taxes and bad schools). Today I've learned that John Hall has resorted to recruiting Manhattanites to phone bank for him, pretending to be from the 19th District. Imagine! Be a super liberal Hall supporter without leaving your cushy East side apartment. Here's the link to learn more about John Hall's phony phone banking. And remember, if you are called by the phony phriends of John Hall, please keep them on the phone as long as possible. Let's run up his long distance bill!

Here's the link

And the press release:
Be part of the huge grassroots effort that is beating the heavily funded incumbent and phonebank with other passionate volunteers.
Phonebanking parties this week on Thursday evening 10/26 -- 2 venues (Brooklyn/Manhattan).
Manhattan at 2166 Broadway, #16F (btwn 76th & 77th), contact Merle, 212-933-0290 or Starts at 6pm, ends at 9pm. Bring a cell phone if you have it.
Brooklyn at 138 14th St. #2 (btwn 3rd & 4th Aves.), contact Aaron, 718-832-3614 or Starts at 5pm and ends at 9pm. Bring a cell phone if you have it.
-Aaron Ruddelson
Or you can call from home! We have voter lists with phone numbers, or you can go to John Hall's campaign website to make calls from home:
John Hall's campaign website has a predictive dialing system that allows you to make calls to voters in the district when it is convenient for you. You just need your computer and a telephone. For more info, lists of voters, or training on the online system, contact Aaron 718-832-3614 or

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